Bumper Pull Refrigerated Trailers

Experience the future of cold storage with our easy-to-tow, bumper-pull refrigerated trailers. These trailers combine commercial-grade strength with reliable refrigeration, ensuring secure on-road transport of your perishables. Featuring strong floors for pallet support and advanced insulation for lasting freshness, Keep It Cold trailers ensure the arrival of your perishables in perfect condition.

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Benefits Of Renting Our Refrigerated Trailers

Textured Floor

Forget the slippery falls! Our trailers enable the textured floor, which offers safety and ensures a smooth and secure experience when loading, and unloading the goods.

Stabilizing Jacks

Stabilizing Jacks

Our pull-behind freezer trailers come equipped with stabilizing jacks, ensuring steady support and stability during transportation. These jacks enhance the safety and efficiency of the refrigerated trailers.

secure locks

Secure Locks

Travel with peace of mind knowing that your trailers come equipped with strong and secured locks. This ensures your valuable goods stay protected from tampering or theft.

abundant lightning

Abundant Lightning

Sufficient lighting keeps our trailer brightly visible, ensuring easy loading and unloading, even under dim or low-light conditions.

Available Models°

5’ refrigerated trailers

5' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

With a storage capacity of storing to incorporate several bouquets, boxes of wine, or hundreds of ice bags. These trailer serves as ideal sizes for small events or gatherings or can be rented as an additional unit for extra storage needs. Charges Daily Rental: $130 – $146 | Weekly Rental: $715 – $800 | Monthly Rental: $2,505 – $2,805

8’ refrigerated trailers

8' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Planning an outdoor event and concerned about the cold storage needs. Don’t worry! Keep It Cold 8’ electric refrigerated trailer serves best for you. With its versatile nature, it serves as an asset for party vendors, festivals, sports events, or any transporting needs, it has your back. Whether it’s preserving perishable goods, or maintaining the quality of the goods. In this diverse environment, bumper-pull refrigerated trailers are your ultimate assistance. Charges Daily Rental: $165 – $185 | Weekly Rental: $910 – $1,010 | Monthly Rental: $3,185 – $3,320

12’ and 16’ refrigerated trailers

12' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Our 12′ and 16′ cold-to-go trailers are ideal for various commercial industries. They suit restaurants, hospitals, and retirement homes during kitchen renovations, as well as slaughterhouses, meat packers, and beverage companies requiring temperature-controlled storage solutions. Versatile and reliable, these trailers cater to diverse needs with efficiency and precision. Charges Daily Rental: $195 – $220 | Weekly Rental: $1,070 – $1,190 | Monthly Rental: $3,560 – $3,750

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