Commercial Walk-In Cooler & Refrigerator Rentals

A specialized refrigeration system called walk-in cooler storage offers plenty of room for holding perishable goods in a climate-controlled setting. Large refrigerated chambers called “walk-in coolers” include insulated walls, airtight doors, and temperature control systems. They are frequently used in a variety of fields, including food service, hospitality, healthcare, and retail, where perishable commodities must be stored properly.


We’ll Keep You Frosty Even During a Heat Wave

We have a variety of sizes of single temperature units with a single door and several dual temperature models with two exterior doors that provides you a freezer and refrigeration at the same time.

5' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

5' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: $130 - $146  |  Weekly Rental: $715 - $800 | Monthly Rental: $2,505 - $2,805

8' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

8' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: $165 - $185 | Weekly Rental: $910 - $1,010 | Monthly Rental: $3,185 - $3,320

12' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

12' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: $195 - $220 | Weekly Rental: $1,070 - $1,190 | Monthly Rental: $3,560 - $3,750

12' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

12' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: $230 - $255 | Weekly Rental: $1,210 - $1,340 |  Monthly Rental: $3,880 - $4,305

16' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

16' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: Coming Soon | Weekly Rental: Coming Soon  | Monthly Rental: Coming Soon

Why Should You Rent Our Walk-In Coolers?

For meeting the cooling requirements of diverse sectors, our walk-in commercial fridge rental provides an effective and useful option. Businesses that choose to rent from us will benefit from improving their operations and ensuring the long-term viability of perishable goods. One of the notable features of our commercial refrigerators is the integration of movable condensers.

The walk-in commercial fridge rental may be placed anywhere in the building or even outside thanks to these condensers’ versatility. Our walk-in refrigerator rentals’ frost-free functioning is another important advantage. Because of the cutting-edge technology built into them, they don’t require manual defrosting. This not only saves time and effort that would otherwise be wasted, but it also guarantees dependable cooling performance.

Portable Fridge Trailer

Additional Features

Our walk-in commercial refrigerator rental gives companies the flexibility to adjust their refrigerated capacity as necessary. To meet different storage needs, we provide a variety of dimensions and configurations ranging from 5′ to 12′. This flexibility makes sure that firms can handle their perishable inventory properly and optimize their storage space, lowering the danger of wastage and monetary losses.

Additionally, we maintain our walk-in commercial refrigerator rental to the greatest standards, guaranteeing their best performance and dependability. We place a high priority on the efficiency and sanitation of our units, ensuring this by performing routine maintenance and service. Businesses may rest easy understanding that their perishable goods are housed in a clean, well-maintained facility by renting from us.

Innovative Features That Tempt You

Frost Free Freezer Trailers
Refrigerated Trailers Mobile Condensors

Flexible temperature Control

Maintaining the appropriate temperature is crucial when keeping perishable goods in a business environment. Here is where our temperature-controlled commercial refrigerator rentals come into play. The flexibility to quickly alter the temperature settings guarantees that perishable goods are constantly kept at the ideal temperature, regardless of the time of year or shifting business demands.

Reefer trailer with door lights
Refrigerated and freezer trailer with step lights
Refrigerated Trailer with interior LED lights
Reefer Trailer with DOT light

LED Safety

The security and usability of the stored goods are of the utmost significance when renting a business refrigerator. Because of this, our commercial refrigerator rental units come with internal and exterior LED safety lighting, giving companies more visibility and comfort when using their refrigeration systems. Safety is ensured to the fullest extent in our industrial fridge rental thanks to lights installed at the door, internal, steps, and dot lights.

Refridgerated Trailer with a secure locking latch
Refrigerated Trailer with Rain Guard Above the Door

Security With Locks

Our contemporary business fridge rentals are outfitted with level, safe units with locking latches due to the security risks associated with rental walk-in coolers. For enterprises that place a high priority on the security and reliability of their stored products, secure cabinets with locking latches are crucial.

Our safe locking latches give an extra degree of security by prohibiting unauthorized entry into the refrigerated area. The overall effectiveness, safety, and compliance of enterprises across a range of sectors are aided by these aspects.

Sturdy And Custom Built Refrigerated Trailer
Stabalizing Jacks for the Trailer

Coolest Portable Coolers

When it pertains to cold storage solutions, we take great satisfaction in knowing the specific requirements of various sectors. Since no two organizations are similar, we’re devoted to staying as cool and adaptable as we can in locating the ideal cold storage facility for you. Modern condensers made for portability and durability are one of the standout features of our commercial fridge rental. whatever the onsite circumstances or difficulties you may encounter, you can count on our machines to operate at their peak efficiency.

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