Frequently Asked Questions About Cold Storage Trailer Rentals

When you partner with Keep It Cold™, you will not be left out in the cold! Whether you have questions about how our cold storage trailer rentals work or how long you can use them, we have the answers. And if your questions aren’t answered below, don’t be frosty — reach out to our friendly staff, and we’ll supply the answers you need.

How Does a Cold Storage Trailer Work?

Our cold storage trailer rentals use electric power to cool the interior storage space. When you need a temporary storage solution, we will deliver the trailer to your business or specified location, plug it into a 110v, 20amp, dedicated circuit, set it to the required temperature, and lock it down with a coupler lock and wheel chocks. You can fit as many items as you can in the trailer and have peace of mind knowing your products are cold and secure.

Where Can I Rent a Cold Storage Trailer, and What Are the Service Areas for Keep It Cold™?

You can order a walk-in freezer rental by calling our technicians and paying securely online. We deliver cold storage trailer rentals throughout California, Colorado, and Texas.

At What Temperatures Do Cold Storage Units Operate At?

When you rent our temporary refrigeration units, we can set them to a temperature that is ideal for your applications. Our rentals are capable of reaching temperatures between a nippy 36° F and a frosty -4° F.

What Is a Dual-Temperature Trailer?

When you need to store items at two different temperatures simultaneously, you could benefit from a dual-temp trailer rental. These trailers have two separate compartments that can be set to different temperatures, ranging from 36° F to -4° F. If you need a larger freezer space than refrigerator space, our technicians can slide the interior wall to meet your requirements.

What Sizing Options Are Available?

We offer a range of rental sizes and pricing so that you can get exactly what you need to keep your business running without breaking the bank. We currently provide cold storage trailer rentals in the following sizes:

5’ Trailers: These trailers are ideal for small events or additional cold storage.
8’ Trailers: These trailers are well-suited for catered events, fairs, and festivals.
12’ Trailers: These dual temp trailer rentals are often recommended for kitchen remodels and repairs.

What Types of Doors Do the Cold Storage Trailers Have?

The doors on our portable freezer trailers are made of stainless steel and feature triple seals to keep the cold air in. We also place PVC door curtains across the doorways to ensure no cool air is lost while you are loading and unloading.

How Long Is the Rental Period?

Our short-term freezer rentals are available for any period of time! Simply let us know how long you plan to use the unit. If you’re not sure, you can pay on a weekly or monthly basis. And if you decide you have a long-term need for refrigerated storage units, we have options for buying the trailers.

How Is the Cold Storage Trailer Powered?

Our cold storage trailer rentals run on 110v electric power (the same as a standard home or business outlet). We’ve specifically designed our walk-in freezer rental to be virtually noiseless and not require an expensive gas engine, so all you have to do is plug it in and let it cool down. We supply the necessary 50’, 10-gauge, 110-volt extension cord with every rental and can provide more if needed.

Can Cold Storage Trailers Be Powered by a Generator?

Yes, our cooler trailers can be powered by a generator! It is not ideal, as generators produce a great deal of noise, but it’s a great backup plan if the power goes out during an event, at your restaurant or hotel, or while you’re conducting business. If you need a generator along with your short-term freezer rental, just let us know. We rent generators as well.

How Long Is the Estimated Delivery Time?

Our technicians are available at a moment’s notice to deliver portable refrigeration trailers around California, Colorado, and Texas. We understand that when you are renting refrigerated storage units, it is often because you’re experiencing an emergency or are busy working on an upcoming event. That’s why we made it easy for you to order a trailer rental. We can deliver the cooler trailer that same day or several weeks from when you order — it all depends on your needs!

Are There Any Restrictions on the Types of Items I Can Store in a Cold Storage Trailer?

Our cold storage trailer rentals can be used to store an array of items, from raw meat and grocery items to flowers and vaccines. Whether you need a temporary cold storage unit for your restaurant, school, wine company, catering business, slaughterhouse, or flower shop, we have the perfect cooling solutions for a variety of industry uses.

Are Rental Expenses Tax Deductible?

You might be able to write off your cold storage rental expenses as a tax deduction if you need the extra space to help run your business. Before writing off the expenses, it’s always best to discuss the matter with a tax professional.

Can I Tow the Trailer to My Destination?

We deliver all of our trailers. At this time, our insurance does not permit customers to tow our trailers. Having your trailer delivered saves you time and the hassle of securing a tow vehicle. We’ll bring it to your location, set it up, and pick it up at the end of the rental.



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