Flower Refrigeration: Everything You Need to Know

by | Jul 22, 2023 | Refrigeration

Thinking of a refrigerator for your seasonal needs? Then you are at the right place. We’ve put together the ultimate guide for you that answers some of the most common questions. Flower has to maintain their beauty and freshness. Flowers must be handled carefully because they are fragile and perishable commodities. Flowers go through a series of physiological changes due to environmental effects. After being severed from their source that causes wilting, browning, and eventually destruction. But in order to stop these processes and guarantee the durability of cut flowers, cooling is essential.

Can You Use A Regular Refrigerator For Flowers?

The answer is NO!! Not just any fridge will suffice when it comes to flower storage. Flowers require a specific type of refrigerator that is not suitable for other uses. Despite their similar appearances, it’s critical to realize that a flower display fridge and a typical commercial cooler serve very different functions.

The low humidity and high airflow that a commercial refrigerator is designed to maintain are perfect for keeping food and preventing spoiling. The formation of bacteria and mold on the stored food products is possible if the humidity is too high and the airflow is constrained.

Temperature Required For The Cooling

Looking at the particular flower varieties you are preserving, you should regulate the temperature of your flower display refrigerator. Based on their ideal preservation conditions and natural environments, different flowers have different flower cooler temperature requirements. However, as a general rule, most flowers generally do best in environments that range in temperature from 33°F (0.5°C) to 35°F (2°C).

It’s crucial to remember that some sensitive flowers can need a little bit of a raise in floral cooler temperature to prevent chilling damage. Make sure to check is the fridge too cold for flowers. Additionally, certain tropical flowers could need a little bit of a warmer climate. For particular temperature recommendations relevant to the varieties of flowers you wish to preserve, it is advised to reference specific flower care instructions or chat with your flower supplier.

Humidity levels should also be taken into account in a refrigerator used for floral displays. In, greater humidity levels of between 80% and 95% are beneficial for flowers. The flowers stay hydrated and avoid drying out or drooping too rapidly when the temperature and humidity are at their ideal levels.

Selection Of Type Of Flower Refrigeration

The range of operations, particular flower requirements, and monetary budget concerns are just a few of the variables that influence the choice of flower refrigeration type. Consider the following typical flower refrigeration options:

Walk-in Coolers:

  • Large refrigerators called “walk-in coolers” are created especially for holding lots of flowers. For the best preservation, they provide precise temperature control. To preserve the flowers’ integrity and freshness, the humidity levels can be changed. To guarantee uniform dispersion of cold air, these coolers also include effective airflow systems. Since they are convenient, have a large capacity, and can efficiently organize floral inventory, floral walk-in coolers are frequently utilized in commercial floral companies. For companies needing lots of storage space while preserving the caliber of their floral goods, they offer the perfect option.
  • Pick a spot where the refrigerators for flowers can be accessed quickly. Take into account the accessibility of loading and unloading places as well as the availability of enough room for delivery vehicles to move. Operations will run more smoothly with fewer hiccups thanks to easy access.
  • Consider environmental aspects including exposure to direct sunlight and shadow. The effectiveness of the trailer’s cooling system may be impacted by excessive heat from direct sunlight, however, shading can assist keep the inside temperature more steady. Consider additional potential concerns like contaminated sources or neighboring pollutants.
  • Walk-in coolers offer numerous benefits for both businesses and individuals requiring refrigeration solutions. They promote better organization and inventory management, streamlining operations and reducing waste. Moreover, walk-in coolers contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings by maintaining a consistent temperature and minimizing heat infiltration

Floral Display Fridges:

There is another specialized refrigeration equipment known as “floral display fridges” made to preserve and present flowers in a beautiful way. These displays offer an eye-catching aesthetic presentation while preserving the flowers at the ideal temperature and humidity levels for maximum freshness. They are generally made with transparent doors and movable shelves. In retail establishments, flower shops, or event sites where it is crucial to present freshly cut flowers in an appealing manner, floral display fridges are frequently used. These refrigerators maintain the flowers’ quality and increase the overall aesthetic appeal of the floral arrangements while facilitating simple viewing and choosing.

Reach-in or Undercounter Fridges:

Compressed refrigeration systems like reach-in or under-counter refrigerators are made especially for locations with limited or confined space for smaller-scale flower operations. These refrigerators provide a practical storage option for a small number of flowers or floral businesses. They are perfect for residential settings with potential space constraints or boutique flower shops because of their smaller footprints, which can fit into small spaces.

Reach-in or under-counter refrigerators frequently provide you with movable shelves to accommodate floral arrangements of various sizes. This makes it possible to organize things effectively and make the most of the storage space that is available.

These refrigerators are ideal for smaller-scale floral operations that call for storing a constrained number of flowers or setting up more modest floral displays due to their compact size and adaptability. In situations where space is at a premium, they provide a useful and effective option for preserving the quality and appearance of flowers.

How Does Refrigeration Impact The Overall Quality And Market Value of Cut Flowers?

The effects of refrigeration on cut flowers are threefold. First off, it increases the flower’s shelf life, helping businesses better manage their inventory which results in cutting down on waste. This guarantees a steady supply of fine, fresh flowers, effectively fulfilling market demand. Second, by maintaining their look and lengthening their vase life, refrigeration raises the market value of cut flowers. Customers are drawn to vibrant, long-lasting flowers, which can increase consumer happiness and brand trust. Because of this, flower firms are able to charge more, have greater client loyalty, and build a solid reputation in the industry. In the end, refrigeration is crucial to meeting customer expectations for high-quality floral items while streamlining processes and boosting profitability.

By keeping their freshness, beauty, and lifespan, refrigeration has a considerable impact on the quality and market value of cut flowers. Controlled temperature and humidity levels reduce wilting, browning, and petal discoloration by slowing down the aging process. Flowers become visually beautiful and desirable as a result of this, which guarantees brilliant colors, sharpness, and scent. In order to keep flowers from bending or drooping, refrigeration also preserves their structural integrity. It improves the floral arrangements’ overall visual presentation by reducing physical damage. The delivery of high-quality flowers that satisfy customer expectations and attract a greater market value ultimately depends on refrigeration.


In conclusion, keeping the freshness, attractiveness, and market value of cut flowers requires careful flower refrigeration. Refrigeration increases the longevity of flowers, keeps their bright colors, and reduces the rate of wilting by maintaining precise temperature control, changeable humidity levels, and effective ventilation systems. The best conditions for preserving and displaying flowers can be created by floral businesses using walk-in coolers, floral display fridges, or other refrigeration solutions.



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