Importance of PVC Strip Curtains for Walk-In Refrigerators

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Walk-In Refrigerators

PVC strip curtains offer an easy solution to help make your walk-in refrigerators far more efficient. Here we look at the importance of PVC strips curtains and the role they play in fridge efficiency.

What are PVC Strip Curtains?

PVC strip curtains are used to provide separation between areas with varying room temperatures. They consist of transparent strips very flexible strips of PVC. Because of their transparency, they keep high traffic areas safe, while also providing an insulating effect to manage temperatures. Although they might not appear to offer much protection, they actually are just as effective as a door.

They are an excellent option for large walk-in refrigerators as they prevent cold air from escaping and make it easier to carry foods to and from the fridge. They are also effective at helping keep debris and contaminants from entering your cold storage area which is why they are popular choices for grocery stores, restaurants and food processing plants.

Different Grades of PVC Available

PVC strip curtains come in different grades based on the temperature required. If you don’t choose the right grade when exposed to freezing temperatures the PVC can crack. If using PVC strip curtains for a freezer, always be sure to choose polar grade curtains. This will help improve durability and ensure the insulating properties maintain their integrity.

Proper Fit

Because the openings for walk-in refrigerators vary, PVC curtains need to be properly fitted. Even slight gaps on either side of the opening or at the top and bottom can allow enough airflow to enter the cold space. The right fit in hand with professional installation ensures the curtains won’t pull away from the ceiling due to constant use. While you can cut down curtains to fit, it can still affect efficiency if not cut properly.


As with other curtains, PVC strip curtains are designed to slide back and forth on a rail. However, because of the strips, you can also simply walk through them. Because of this, it is best to avoid using the rail and instead have them installed so they are fixed in place across the top. Unless you have very large items you are storing in the walk-in refrigerator, the fixed option is best. Another case where the operable rail works is if you only use the area for a walk-in fridge on occasion. This way you can keep the curtains open when the area is not chilled.


One of the biggest benefits of PVC strip curtains is that they are see-through. This reduces accidents as people can see others when entering or leaving the unit. With heavy doors, people are also more prone to injury when trying to lug things out of the cold storage area with their arms full. They also promote safe food storage practices by helping keep the walk-in fridge temperatures at the proper food storage levels.

Energy Efficiency

Because the curtains are made of insulating PVC, you can save money by avoiding wasted energy due to leakage. They keep the work area at a comfortable temperature for your staff while keeping the cold air contained inside the fridge. Because you can’t “hold them open” like a fridge door, staff won’t waste energy when loading inventory shipments, or when trying to find something. Instead, they close automatically behind them, so the cool air doesn’t escape.

Smell Control

Of course, if you are storing food, you are keeping a close eye on it to make sure it isn’t spoiling. However, there are many foods that give off odors that can interfere with your workplace. PVC strip curtains help contain smells so that the area beyond is not overpowered.

Low Maintenance

Strip curtains are low maintenance because of their limited moving parts. The PVC strips themselves are very flexible allowing people to enter and leave the fridge without affecting their installation. Compared to walk-in fridges with doors, they are far more affordable over the long term because they can’t really “break”.

Torn or damaged strips can be replaced as required but this is very unusual for walk-in fridges where the force applied to the strips is applied by your staff as opposed to heavy machinery such as a forklift truck in a large storage facility. The most important aspect of maintenance is keeping them clean so that grime and buildup don’t ruin the integrity of the strips.

Whether used on your business’ walk-in fridgeRefrigerated Truck RentalsWalk-In Freezer Rental, or Cold Storage Trailer, PVC strip curtains provide an easy low maintenance solution for your needs. For information and reservations, contact Keep It Cold™ today!




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