Refrigerated trailer rentals have been a saving grace for many small businesses, local restaurants, schools, independent florists, pharmaceutical companies, agricultural companies, and hunters across Colorado who need temporary refrigeration. These cold storage trailers from Keep It Cold™ have preserved food items and protected the quality of various items, including flowers and vaccines.

Our company is adept at handling the demands of clients needing trailers for a variety of industry uses. Whatever your temporary refrigeration needs are, we won’t give you the cold shoulder. Instead, we’ll offer the perfect solution! We provide cold storage trailers for:






Beer and wine events


Emergency response situations


Seafood storage And More



We have a variety of sizes of single temperature units with a single door and several dual temperature models with two exterior doors that provides you a freezer and refrigeration at the same time.

5' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

5' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: $130 - $146  |  Weekly Rental: $715 - $800 | Monthly Rental: $2,505 - $2,805

8' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

8' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: $165 - $185 | Weekly Rental: $910 - $1,010 | Monthly Rental: $3,185 - $3,320

12' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

12' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: $195 - $220 | Weekly Rental: $1,070 - $1,190 | Monthly Rental: $3,560 - $3,750

12' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

12' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: $230 - $255 | Weekly Rental: $1,210 - $1,340 |  Monthly Rental: $3,880 - $4,305

16' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

16' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: Coming Soon | Weekly Rental: Coming Soon  | Monthly Rental: Coming Soon

Repairs and Remodels

Whether planned or not, you may find that the kitchen in your restaurant, school, hospital, or retirement home is without a working refrigerator. Money will be flushed down the drain if the food is just left to rot in the non-operating fridge. Fortunately, you don’t have to let any food go to waste with our refrigerated trailers and walk-in coolers. When you are having repairs or a remodel done, call on our team for a temporary cooling solution. Our company has multiple cooling solutions for a variety of industry uses.

Mobile Refrigerator Trailers for Kitchen Remodeling

When your business is doing well, you may decide it’s time to expand your kitchen, but you don’t want to close your doors longer than you have to. That’s where our cooling trailers come in. If your kitchen is operable besides your refrigeration, we can provide a mobile refrigerator trailer for your kitchen remodeling project, keeping your business running and money rolling in.

Cold Storage Trailers for Restaurants

Did you walk into your restaurant this morning to a nasty surprise — a completely defrosted walk-in cooler? Don’t lose your cool! Call on our team for a cold storage trailer. Our specialists will quickly bring a temporary walk-in cooler to your location and get it set up and secured in your lot so that you can transfer food into it before anything spoils.

Mobile Refrigerators for Schools

With thousands of students depending on the cafeteria for their breakfast and lunch, you can’t afford to be without a functioning walk-in cooler. Thankfully, we have the solution you need. Whenever the cafeteria fridge is broken or being repaired, you can rent a mobile refrigerator for your school. Our specialists will deliver the walk-in cooler in a timely manner and get it set to the ideal temperature so that your staff can provide meals to your students without skipping a beat.

Cold Storage Trailers for Hospitals and Retirement Homes

Does the walk-in cooler or freezer in your hospital or retirement home need to be repaired? While it’s being worked on, you can use one of our cold storage trailer rentals to keep things running smoothly and patients and residents happy.

Food & Beverage Industries

Small refrigerated trailers have been enjoyed by small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits alike for a variety of food and beverage industry uses, including catered gatherings, fairs, festivals, weddings, as well as beer and wine events. Whether you’re running a brewery in Denver, CO, or an event planning gig in Austin, TX, we’ll take care of your refrigeration and freezing needs every step of the way.

Trailers for Temperature-Controlled Food

As a small business, you’ve worked tirelessly to make food people can’t get enough of. It wouldn’t do to have your hard work be ruined before it reaches the table. That’s why many businesses of all sizes rely on our trailers for temperature-controlled food storage. While you prep delicious delicacies, you can feel confident knowing your ingredients and prepared dishes are in an environment with the perfect temperature.

Mobile Refrigerators for Wine and Beer

There’s nothing better than a cool sip of beer or wine during an outdoor event, especially on a hot summer day. Our cold storage trailers and refrigerators for beer and wine are the perfect solutions for breweries and wineries participating in offsite events.

Freezer Trailers for Catering

Food is easily perishable when it’s not kept in the right conditions. Caterers have the challenging task of ensuring food is kept fresh during an event. We make keeping your cool easy with our freezer trailers for catering. Simply let us know where and when you need the trailer, and our specialists will get you set up.

Mobile Refrigerators for Fairs

Fairs are a joy for adults and children alike. What makes them especially beloved is their food and drinks. Vendors can provide the freshest bites and most thirst-quenching beverages by renting our mobile refrigerators for fairs. Set to the perfect temperature, these trailers will help your business stand out.

Mobile Refrigerators for Weddings

To-be newlyweds have a specific image in mind for how their wedding will go, and as the wedding planner or caterer, it’s your duty to bring this vision to life. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to provide the mobile refrigerator for the wedding, so spoiled dishes and lukewarm beverages don’t ruin the big day.

Agriculture Industries Uses

Flowers, fruits, and vegetables need to be kept at certain temperatures so that they do not wilt or rot before customers can purchase them. We are proud to offer refrigerated trailers for florists, farmers, and cannabis growers. Our trailers for agricultural goods will keep items fresh, whether you are storing items on your farm or selling your crops at the farmer’s market.

Cold Storage Trailers for Florists

Flower shops that have an influx of orders on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day often rely on our refrigerated trailers for extra storage space once their in-house fridges fill up. We can set you up with a trailer that meets your needs as well!

Cannabis Mobile Freezer Units

Cannabis growers know how vital it is to store their crops at the right temperature, especially on particularly hot days. When they need stationary cold storage, they turn to our company for cannabis freezer units.

Fish, Poultry, and Meat Storage

Meat packers, fisheries, slaughterhouses, hunting ranches, and hunters have a serious job to do: they must keep their produce chilled to prevent bacteria from growing. Fortunately, they can rely on our cold storage trailers for keeping their seafood, meat, and poultry cold. They can feel confident knowing our trailers will keep their items safe and secure.

Trailers for Slaughterhouses

After prepping the meat, slaughterhouses need to keep their fresh cuts at the ideal temperature. That’s where our trailers for storing food for slaughterhouses come in. Each refrigeration unit can be set to the ideal temperature to preserve the freshness of the meat as it waits to be sent from the slaughterhouse to the packing facility.

Mobile Refrigerators for Meat Packers

When meat packers need clean, sanitary cold storage solutions, they can rely on our mobile refrigerators. Our units are equipped with state-of-the-art condensers, stainless steel components for easy cleaning, and interior and exterior safety lighting.

Refrigerated Hunting Trailers

After a successful hunt, you may find yourself in a position where you don’t have enough refrigerated storage space. When this is the case, you can turn to us for a refrigerated hunting trailer. Our cooling units will keep your deer and other marks fresh — wherever you are in California (CA) .

Medical Industries Uses

Temperature regulation helps prevent contamination brought on by high temperatures, which is why many pharmaceutical companies rely on our trailers for temperature-controlled storage. Our refrigerated units can store everything from medical equipment to vaccines. With our pharmaceutical temperature-controlled trailers, temperature regulation has never been easier.

Emergency Response Uses

When hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods wreak havoc on a community, the local government jumps into action. We are proud to support the efforts of FEMA, the National Guard, and local fire departments in TX and CO whenever a community is in need. Our cold storage trailers are perfect for emergency response uses — whether they are needed to store food, drinks, or medical equipment.

Refrigerated Trailers: The Coolest Option for All Industry Uses

From dual temp trailers, innovative designs, and units with features that redefine how you can “Keep It Cold™,” relying on our team is a safe bet for a cool time. No matter what you need, Keep It Cold™ has the perfect solution for providing the right amount of chill.

We provide refrigerated trailer rentals and sales in California (CA) so that you never have to become overheated with stress, even on the hottest day of the year! If you’re interested in renting or buying a cooler trailer, contact us today.


Keep It Cold™ is committed to being the Boulder area’s leaders in portable cold storage and temporary refrigeration & freezer trailers. Our attention to detail & obsession is your gain as we have a trailer for your needs that we have made sure is capable of handling even the hottest days in July. Plus, our friendly team offers full support so if you have any questions or need more information, we won’t leave you out in the cold. Call us today to schedule a delivery or to find the right trailer for your needs.



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