Refrigerated Trailer Rentals in Colorado

When your refrigeration needs are not being met — whether your fridge has broken down, you have more orders than your fridge can handle, or you’re planning an event offsite — call on Keep It Cold™. We have a wide range of refrigerated trailer rental options available in Colorado, including commercial freezers, dual temp trailers, and walk-in coolers. Let us worry about keeping your items cool, so you can focus on storing exceptional products or throwing a one-of-kind event.

We provide refrigerator rental options throughout Colorado, including:

  • Denver
  • Boulder
  • Colorado Springs
  • Fort Collins

How Much Cold° Do You Need?


We have a variety of sizes of single temperature units with a single door and several dual temperature models with two exterior doors that provides you a freezer and refrigeration at the same time.

  • 5 Foot Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales
  • 8' Trailer
  • 12' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales
  • 12' Dual Temp Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales
  • coming soon16' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales
  • Dual Temp

8' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

8' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: $140 - $165

Weekly Rental: $760 - $910

Monthly Rental: $2,660 - $3,185

Dual Temp Trailers in Colorado That Will Be Love at Frost Sight

Single-temperature refrigeration units are truly a wonderful invention, but did you know there’s an even better solution when you need to store goods that require different temperatures? Sure, you could rent two separate units, but a dual temp refrigerator rental in Colorado could save you space and money.

We invented a single small trailer that contains a refrigerator and freezer. Each compartment can be set to a different temperature, ranging from a cool 34 °F to a freezing -4 °F, meeting your fresh and frozen demands in an instant. Having one refrigerated trailer rental that can do everything means you don’t have to find space for two separate units. A dual temp unit can preserve your Colorado business’s parking lot space with its compact design. The size of the freezer and refrigerator compartments can be adjusted! Need more freezer space? We’ll move the interior wall according to your needs. Things can’t get much cooler than a dual temp trailer!

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Freezing-Awesome Cooler Trailers for Sale in Colorado

Sometimes, businesses and organizations have a long-term need for walkin-in refrigerator solutions, and when they do, they turn to us. In addition to commercial freezer rentals, we have a variety of cooler trailers for sale in Colorado. Our invaluable units have helped many clients, including restaurants, catering businesses, flower shops, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies.

On the day of delivery, our specialists will provide you with a unit that is fully equipped and ready to operate. Before leaving you with your new cooler trailer, they will set the desired temperature and ensure each component is secure and functioning correctly. You can expect your refrigerated trailer to have the following features:

  • Programmable temperature adjustment
  • Highly-functioning condensers
  • Frost-free evaporator units
  • Interior and exterior safety lights
  • 40C PVC strip curtains

Un-Brr-Lievably Cool Walk-In Cooler Rentals in Colorado

When unforeseen situations arise, many Colorado businesses and individuals find themselves in need of a temporary walk-in refrigerator. Whether your restaurant’s refrigerator has broken down or you need extra cooler space for your upcoming event, we know it’s no laughing matter, which is why we have you covered. Our refrigerated trailer rentals can be the perfect solution for emergencies as well as future events in Colorado. We’ll protect your products and ensure you don’t have to sustain any loss.

Communities We Serve

Over the years, we’ve assisted a variety of clients, including breweries, wineries, pop-up restaurants, florists, and hospitals, with their refrigeration needs by providing refrigerated trailer rentals across Colorado. Whether you’re located in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, or Fort Collins, CO, we have an affordable and convenient solution for you — from walk-in refrigerators to dual temp trailers.

Keep It Cool and Rent a Refrigerated Trailer

It’s easy to lose your cool when your bake shop’s freezer breaks down, or a solution falls through just days before your community event. Thankfully, you don’t have to panic for long when you remember Keep It Cold™ has your back. We provide a variety of refrigerated trailer rental and sales solutions throughout Colorado so that you can have a stress-free business day or event. Our team consistently works to push the icy envelope forward, providing you with solutions that keep up with your demands. From dual temp trailers to innovative design and beyond, we’re excited to pave the way for a streamlined, chill future.

 For more information about our refrigerated trailers and their industry uses, contact our friendly team today!

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