Portability, Made “Freezy”: Who Needs Mobile Refrigeration Units?

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Portable Refrigeration

In this day and age, myriad businesses, organizations, and sole proprietorships are anything but islands — they need to be flexible, streamlined, and in some cases, portable. For those that handle perishables, having access to a refrigerated storage trailer is an absolute necessity. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the several different kinds of industries, professionals, and occasions we can come to the rescue for:

Bars and Restaurants

Perhaps among the more obvious examples, but for good reason. After all, restaurants must keep a large supply of food on hand to feed throngs of hungry customers who rotate in and out of their doors all day. Naturally, many of these goods need to be refrigerated or frozen.

Sometimes, restaurateurs run into difficulty storing their perishable foods — such as when their establishment is going under a commercial kitchen remodel or that puts the freezer or walk-in cooler out of commission for an extended period. Maybe they simply have a surplus of food on hand — or are undergoing appliance repair — and are in need of extra storage. Or, they could be participating in the event that takes their main players (and tastiest dishes) off-site — such as a street festival or other community-sponsored gathering.

Let’s not forget about events and major holidays  — occasions where bars and restaurants welcome a high volume of hungry, thirsty patronage. For instance, Texas BBQ restaurants we’ve partnered with are always in need of extra storage for their brisket for July 4th weekend! Whatever the case, mobile refrigeration units are an invaluable asset.


Bars’ and restaurants’ specialized cousin, catering businesses are innately out and about, supplanting themselves in varying environments that rarely, if ever, have the accommodations needed for food and drink, including:

  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
  • Company picnics

With a mobile refrigeration unit at the helm, caterers can ensure every course — and every sip — is fresh and the temperature it should be.

  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
  • Company picnics

Fair and Festival Vendors

Not all happenings that call for mobile refrigeration fall within the scope of a bar, restaurant, or moderate-sized gathering. Portable refrigeration is the saving grace of large-scale fairs and festivals, being used by food vendors and breweries that need chilled, convenient hubs for ice storage and, of course, their products. Keep It Cold™ is proud to supply vendors with trailers at the TX State Fair, Oktoberfests, art shows, beer and music festivals, and more.

Food and Beverage Distributors

Restaurants and caterers want to ensure they have perishable food on-hand to expand their operation and keep doors open — but in a grander, more industrial sense, mobile refrigeration units are imperative to the transport and safekeeping of foodstuffs, fresh produce, sizable beverage orders, and more between plants, manufacturers, grocery stores, and beyond. Produce, fish, meat, and ready-made meals would degrade rapidly if not preserved in the proper environment. Here are just a few examples of what mobile refrigeration units play a key role in:

  • Wholesale seafood
  • Meat processing, including chicken, pork, beef, and beyond
  • Wine and vintner storage

Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Other Healthcare Organizations

Hospitals and pharmacies store drugs, medicines, and vaccines that must be maintained at a certain temperature to ensure they don’t spoil. Should a pharmacy’s refrigeration become compromised, they could face an extremely costly problem — not to mention that individuals who are then in a serious jam if the supply goes bad. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that not all instances of healthcare involve operating out of headquarters; our units are crucial for temporary vaccine locations and other remote medical sites.

It’s imperative for healthcare organizations to keep their valuable commodities — such as insulin — chilled as needed with refrigeration rentals.

Research and Development Entities

Chemical supply and manufacturing: Temperature-controlled storage is critical for chemicals and chemical products; storing chemicals at recommended temperatures helps ensure quality and safety levels.

Product research:Mobile refrigeration units can keep synthetic materials, including resins, polymers, and more, under chilled lock-and-key.

Field research storage: Not all research and development takes place in a lab; after all, raw materials have to be gathered from somewhere. Mobile refrigeration units let field researchers chill samples immediately upon procuring them

Families, Hunters, and Sports Fans

Mobile refrigeration units don’t only keep industry logistics running at full throttle; they have a place in recreational activities, too! From keeping meal ingredients fresh for a family reunion or camping trip and hunters preserving their meat to sports fans or organizations hosting memorable tailgates with ice-cold beer and perishable snacks, portable refrigeration units accommodate a bevy of pleasurable activities for full-time enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike.

Keeping It Cold for Lesser-Known Chilling Needs

Welcome to our version of “but wait, there’s more!” Did you know that these industries and professionals also need portable refrigeration?:


Florists need to keep their flowers and beautiful arrangements fresh — and cold. Portable refrigeration trailers let floral products stay as beautiful as the moment they were pieced together and grant florists the mobility they need to let their delivery operations “blossom.”

Disaster relief personnel

When disaster strikes, emergency personnel respond to the scene — and mobile refrigeration in tow ensures those affected have the accommodations they need as soon as possible. Primarily, mobile refrigeration units are used for food and cold water for front-line firefighters and other disaster relief teams.

Mobile refrigeration units are also capable of storing and transporting temperature-sensitive, life-saving plasma, medical supplies, and vaccines in extreme conditions to facilitate emergency management, disaster relief, and humanitarian aid operations.

Farmers, ranchers, and agriculturalists

When it comes to agriculture, preserving quality, ensuring freshness, and promoting safety and high yields are crucial. Our customers utilize mobile refrigeration units for pre-cooling (cooling immediately in the field as the produce is harvested), transporting produce to market, or any other mobile cooling application. This encapsulates dairy, produce, cannabis, and everything in between!

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