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When faced with diverse business needs, renting a refrigerator truck rental can be a smart choice for those who require refrigeration but don’t need an entire large-sized reefer box truck rental. However, it is essential to carefully consider the type and required range of temperatures for each compartment when selecting a refrigerated cargo rental trailer. Different products have specific temperature requirements, and neglecting to take this into account could result in spoilage or damage to the goods being transported.

Refrigerated Trucks Rental

Refrigerated Reefer Truck Rentals vs refrigerate trailer rental

There are numerous reasons why refrigeration capabilities may be required on-site, but opting for a refrigerated truck rental might not always be the ideal choice. While it may seem like the most convenient option, there are several factors that people often overlook when deciding on their refrigeration solution. Comparing a refrigerator box truck rental with a refrigeration rental unit from Keep It Cold reveals key differences.

With a rental reefer truck, there are limitations in terms of space, as the available area is shared between storage and transportation. On the other hand, Keep It Cold™ offers dedicated refrigerated rental units designed solely for preserving and storing goods. These units provide greater control over temperature, humidity, and airflow, ensuring optimal conditions for various products.

Furthermore, Keep it Cold’s refrigeration rental units are highly customizable to accommodate specific requirements, offering more flexibility compared to refrigerated truck rentals. Thus, for most individuals and organizations, exploring alternative refrigeration options like to Keep it Cold’s rental units is likely to be a better fit for their needs.

Hidden Cost

It is essential to consider the cost of diesel fuel when choosing to rent a reefer truck for your company or event. Reefer trucks rental is just regular box trucks with an addition for refrigeration, hence the refrigeration system needs an engine to function. This reliance on diesel fuel may result in unforeseen fuel expenditures that might have an effect on your spending plan. Keep It Cold™, however, proposes an alternative remedy. Because our refrigeration systems are fueled by on-site electricity, there is no need for fuel at all.

You may avoid the possibility of unexpectedly large gasoline expenses and the ongoing requirement to keep an eye on the refrigerated truck rental price levels by depending on electricity. Our refrigerated rentals units are not only inexpensive but also supplied pre-assembled and prepared for use. This indicates that there is no further preparation needed before using them. Our units are excellent hassle-free refrigeration options for your business or event because of their simplicity and convenience.

You only need to connect them to an electrical source to get started. With Keep It Cold™, you can guarantee the quality and freshness of your products without having to deal with the complications that come with refrigeration vehicles that run on fuel.

Hidden costs problem

Space and Capacity Constraints

When it comes to shipping and storing perishable items having a solution that completely fits your unique needs is essential. Even while refrigerated vehicles provide considerable flexibility, they might not always be the best choice. That’s where portable refrigeration portable from Keep It Cold comes into play. You may discover the ideal match for your needs from our selection of premium refrigerated units, which come in dimensions of 5′, 8′, and 12′.

You get the benefit of customized solutions that safeguard the reputation of your company or organization by selecting Keep It Cool’s refrigerated rental units. Do not settle for limited options that could compromise the efficiency of your business operations by opting for refrigerated rental units. Instead, embrace the convenience and flexibility offered by Keep It Cold Portable Refrigeration units.

Security and Locks

Security is a significant concern that cannot be ignored when it comes to refrigerated trucks rental. These vehicles often carry valuable and perishable goods, making them potential targets for theft or unauthorized access. Understanding the security vulnerabilities associated with these trucks is essential to mitigate risks and protect your valuable items. At Keep It Cold™, we prioritize the security of your shipment and implement various precautions. We go the extra mile to incorporate robust security measures, ensuring the safety of your priceless goods during transportation.

Using a coupler lock, we can securely lock the trailer down. Thus, the trailer is kept securely attached to the towing vehicle and is not subject to theft or illegal entry. The security of your products is very important to our company, therefore we employ a number of measures to secure them, including coupler locks, leveling jacks, wheel chocks, and door locks. When you hire one of our refrigerated trailers, we make every effort to provide you with the highest level of protection and confidence possible by putting these stringent security precautions in place.

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