Refrigerated/ Reefer Van Rentals

When considering refrigeration solutions that don’t require a full-sized refrigerated container, renting a refrigerated van might seem like a viable option. These vans, also known as reefer vans, appear to be a perfect fit for the job. However, there are several challenges associated with renting a refrigerated van. Keep It Cold™ can assist you in avoiding these issues, providing service across the United States.

Refrigerated cargo vans were specifically designed for limited-scale cooling, allowing you to chill a small number of items for a short duration wherever you require. Nonetheless, even if a van seems suitable for your needs, the disadvantages may overshadow the benefits.

Diesel Prices

One crucial aspect to consider when evaluating refrigerated van rental costs is the additional expense of diesel fuel. Due to their design, the van’s refrigeration units are powered by the vehicle’s engine. This implies that if the engine is not running, the back of the van won’t be powered, and your items won’t be maintained at the desired temperature.

This unexpected cost can come as a surprise when searching for a budget-friendly option. Depending on the duration of refrigeration required, the cost of diesel fuel to keep the van’s engine running might surpass the actual rental price.

 Keep It Cold™ units run on electricity, connecting directly to a power source, while REEFER VANs depend on diesel fuel

At Keep It Cold™, our portable refrigeration units circumvent this issue by directly connecting to a power source. If the power is on, the cooling units are active, eliminating the need for extra fuel costs.

Naturally, if your refrigeration needs to extend beyond a single tank of diesel, you will also need to factor in the personal cost associated with monitoring the fuel level of your rented reefer van. By including these additional costs, refrigerated van rental prices become just a portion of the overall expense.

With Keep It Cold™, you will know your costs upfront, even before your unit is delivered. We pride ourselves on transparency, ensuring there are no hidden surprises or additional expenses to keep your refrigerator running smoothly.

A Running Engine Brings Other Problems

While not a financial cost, the continuous noise generated by a running van can be problematic, depending on the location where you require refrigeration.

Another drawback of a refrigerated cargo van is the exhaust emissions. With a van running constantly at your site, unpleasant odors are emitted, making it unsafe to use a reefer van rental in enclosed spaces like warehouses.

Keep It Cold™ units are entirely powered by electricity, resulting in zero emissions that could compromise air quality. Moreover, our cooling systems produce minimal noise, providing you with a safer and more portable refrigeration option, reducing risks for your employees and others.

Keep It Cold™ units run solely on electricity, eliminating exhaust emissions found in REEFER VANs
Keep It Cold™ portable units offer easier entry and exit compared to refrigerated vans

Entry and Exit

Similar to other large vehicles, climbing in and out of a refrigerated van rental can be challenging, as the back entry sits anywhere from one to three feet above ground level. This necessitates the use of a ramp for loading and unloading your items, adding another potential hazard to your operations.

With a portable unit from Keep It Cold™, you gain ground-level access to your unit, which can be placed on any appropriately sized flat surface. By eliminating the need for a ramp, you eliminate the risk of employees slipping and injuring themselves, while also reducing the chances of damage to your refrigerated items during transport.

Inefficient Refrigeration Environments

One can easily fathom that repurposing a van’s cargo area results in a refrigeration environment that lacks efficiency compared to a purpose-built unit designed for the task at hand.

The extent of insulation employed may vary across companies. While numerous companies incorporate an adequate amount of insulation, it still carries the risk of moisture and bacteria accumulation within the storage compartment.

Furthermore, retrofitting a van with a cooling system can lead to suboptimal seams and shoddy construction, which exacerbate the aforementioned issues.Keep It Cold™ units are exclusively crafted for refrigeration purposes, setting them apart. The construction of Keep It Cold™ units guarantees unparalleled refrigeration performance.

Elegance and Robustness

A refrigerated van rental hardly qualifies as a thing of beauty on your premises. It’s essentially an unwieldy van that continuously runs and occupies space.

On the other hand, Keep It Cold™ walk-ins offer a distinctive allure. Their fiberglass exteriors not only please the eye but also exhibit resistance to fading caused by sunlight exposure and even fend off rust. This ensures that you acquire a unit that surpasses other rental options in appearance, presenting you in a more favorable light.

A Keep It Cold™ unit entails lower overhead costs compared to a refrigerated cargo van. When you factor in the expenses of diesel fuel to sustain the van’s operation, it becomes evident that opting for Keep It Cold™ is not only aesthetically superior but also more efficient.

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If uncertainty shrouds your requirements, Keep It Cold™ will assist you in precisely identifying the unit that best suits your needs. Our representatives will demonstrate the remarkable time and cost savings you can enjoy with a Keep It Cold™ unit!

A Running Engine Brings Other Problems

Many individuals assume that renting a refrigerated van is the easiest way to secure a portable refrigeration solution. However, the reality is quite different. In truth, a reefer van rental can prove more cumbersome for both you and your employees when compared to a Keep It Cold™ unit.

With a reefer van rental, you bear the added burden and expense of maintaining the engine’s operation, and in many cases, you may be required to personally pick up and return the van once your usage is complete.

Keep It Cold™ offers nationwide delivery and provides customer support around the clock, seven days a week.

The experts at Keep It Cold™ will offer invaluable guidance to determine the optimal option for your project and will arrange the delivery of your unit. Once you no longer require the unit, Keep It Cold™ will promptly retrieve it, sparing you the trouble of figuring out what to do.



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