The Coolest Features You Need to Stay Frosty

Your business’s needs are unique, which is why you cannot use just any ol’ walk-in refrigerator to keep your items fresh and safe. Our portable refrigeration unit rentals in Cincinnati, OH, are built with durability in mind. Not only can their condensers and evaporators handle any bumps in the road, but they can also withstand the rigors of your business, providing reliable performance and the perfect temperature every time. If you need temporary refrigeration solutions, count on our units to deliver.

Truck hauling portable refrigeration unit

Each of our portable refrigeration unit rentals in Cincinnati, OH, includes:

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How to Remain Chill With Refrigerated Trailer Rentals in Cincinnati, OH

Is your restaurant’s freezer leaking? Has your refrigerated event storage solution gone up in flames just days before an important event? Don’t let the heat of the situation overwhelm you! Instead, keep cool and request a walk-in refrigerator rental from Keep It Cold™. We’ll ensure you have all the space you need to keep essential items cool or frozen for as long as you need.

We offer a variety of single and dual-temperature refrigerator rentals to keep the stress of hosting an event, participating as a vendor, or running a restaurant at bay. Simply let our specialists know the requirements of your cold storage needs, and we’ll set up the unit to keep your items at the ideal temperature.

The Top Benefits of Our Commercial Freezer Rentals in Cincinnati, OH

Are you wondering if one of our cold storage trailers is right for you? We believe these really cool benefits speak for themselves:

  • Delivery & Setup: Our specialists will deliver your walk-in cooler rental on the agreed-upon date and time. We’ll also ensure the unit is properly located, leveled, stabilized, and secured before leaving you to do business.
  • Frost-Free Operation: You can trust that every one of our portable walk-in freezer rentals — whether the small refrigerated trailer rental or large refrigerated catering storage unit — will provide frost-free operation with reliable hot air defrost cycles.
  • Adjustable Temperatures: Our temporary refrigeration units can be set to freezer or refrigerator mode, and we’ll show you how to adjust the temperature to your desired range.
  • Safety Features: You can enjoy interior and exterior LED safety lighting when you use one of our dual temp trailers or walk-in cooler rentals.
  • Dual Temps: We provide a variety of temporary refrigeration units that can be configured to simultaneously meet your freezing and refrigerating demands. For example, our portable refrigeration units rentals include an internal panel that can be moved to expand or shrink your freezer section, depending on your needs.
  • Supplies: In addition to the fridge trailer itself, we’ll supply the cords and extension cords you need to power your unit wherever and whenever.

Stay Frosty for the Long-Term With a Cooler Trailer for Sale

If you anticipate your cold storage needs lasting for several years, you will want to shop for our cooler trailers for sale. These units are built to last and can address a variety of needs, including refrigerated event storage and vaccine chilling. You’ll have the freedom to focus on delivering exceptional customer service while our units reliably keep your products at the perfect temperature for however long you need.

Don’t Lose Your Cool — Rent Temporary Cold Storage Solutions in Cincinnati, OH, Today

No matter the cold storage demands you may have, our team can help you keep your cool. We’ll promptly deliver our top-of-the-line portable refrigeration unit rentals in Cincinnati, OH, so you can keep business flowing. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our trailer prices and rental options.