Portable Refrigeration Unit Rentals in Colorado Springs, CO

How Much Cold° Do You Need?

We’ll Keep You Cold on the Dog Days of Summer

We rent out a number of dual-temperature refrigerated trailers with two external doors that can offer you both refrigeration and freezing capabilities at the same time, as well as a range of single-temperature walk-in freezer rental units in various sizes with a single door.

  • 5 Foot Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales
  • 8' Trailer
  • 12' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales
  • 12' Dual Temp Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales
  • coming soon16' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales
  • Dual Temp

8' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

8' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: $140 - $165

Weekly Rental: $760 - $910

Monthly Rental: $2,660 - $3,185

Can We Make Your Business Even Cooler?

We serve an array of industries and can help you find the ideal solution, no matter your needs. Some of the industries we work with include the following:

  • Breweries & Distilleries
  • Caterers
  • Fairs & Events
  • Florists & Flower Distributors
  • Food Distributors
  • Hospitals
  • Hunting
  • Meat & Dairy
  • Pop-Up & Mobile Restaurants
  • Private Citizen Use
  • Restaurants
  • Wedding Coordinators
  • Wineries & Vineyards

We take great pride in providing single and dual temp trailers that will deliver no matter what is required of our clients working in these and other industries.

The Best Features for the Coolest Companies

We offer the equipment you need to keep your products cool, whether you need a small refrigerated trailer rental for an event, a portable walk-in freezer to complement the storage space at your restaurant, or just some temporary refrigeration solutions to cover a kitchen failure.

Since our portable refrigeration unit rentals in Colorado Springs, CO, are built to be transported to your desired location, you can trust they are tough enough to withstand bumps in the road without sacrificing the level of quality you want from your refrigerated equipment. Four inches of insulation keep all the cold air where it belongs while preserving energy efficiency, and forced-air heat defrosts the condenser to ensure continuous operation without the possibility of a frozen evaporator. Additionally, PVC door curtains are included with every one of our cold storage trailers to keep the cold air inside when the door is open for loading and unloading.

Our portable refrigeration unit rentals in Colorado Springs, CO, come with the following:

Whether your Colorado business or event calls for portable walk-in freezers or outdoor refrigeration, we can provide the best portable refrigerator rentals in the industry.

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Stay Frosty With Refrigerated Trailer Rentals in Colorado Springs, CO

When you work with Keep It Cold™, you can count on us to find you a rental that satisfies your seasonal and short-term cooling needs. We have everything from fridge trailers to refrigerated catering storage units to commercial freezer rentals. Whatever your industry uses are for freezer and refrigerator rentals, we’ll provide just what you need to maintain your cool in the midst of a heat wave.

We offer a variety of single-temperature and dual temp portable refrigeration unit rentals in Colorado Springs, CO, that can accommodate your company’s or organization’s cooling requirements while taking up less space. Instead of two or three units that take up valuable parking lot or vendor space, invest in one perfect-sized walk-in cooler rental.

What Size Temporary Cold Storage Unit Should You Choose for Your Business in Colorado Springs, CO?

When you need portable refrigeration unit rentals at a moment’s notice in Colorado Springs, CO, we’re the ones to turn to. Whether your restaurant’s walk-in refrigerator broke down in the thick of an evening rush or your refrigerated event storage option fell through only days before your event, we can come to your rescue. Even on the hottest day of the year, our temporary refrigeration units are dependable, secure, and ideal for maintaining the quality and freshness of your products.

We can help you select portable refrigeration units rentals in the following sizes:

  • 5’ Fridge Trailer: This small refrigerated trailer rental is perfect for additional cold storage or to keep products cool or frozen for private parties.
  • 8’ Walk-In Cooler Rental: This rental is ideal for holding food and beverages for fairs, festivals, and catered events. Customers who need to store many orders during the holiday season also prefer this option.
  • 12’ Dual-Temp Trailers: Do you intend to redesign your kitchen? The optimum choice for storing a range of foods at the right temperatures is a walk-in refrigerator trailer of this size. It’s also ideal for beverage companies, slaughterhouses, and meatpackers.

Keep Your Business Running With Commercial Freezer Rentals in Colorado Springs, CO

You don’t have to lose your chill if you’re attempting to meet an influx of orders or temporarily replace a refrigerator that isn’t working properly. We have commercial cold storage units that can keep your goods chilled or frozen for however long you need. Our solutions range from refrigerated catering storage units to 12’ refrigerated trailer rentals.

Keep Your Chill All Year Long With Cooler Trailers for Sale

Do you anticipate having ongoing cooling demands in the future? Our cooler trailers for sale are the ideal answer! These trailers guarantee to keep your goods chilled for however long you want. You can count on our trailers to help you advance toward the success and expansion of your business, whether you’re a florist attempting to prevent your flowers from withering or a catering company searching for the best refrigerated event storage options.

About Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs is an idyllic place to live. With breathtaking views and beautiful weather, it’s no surprise so many people prefer to call this place home. It’s also a great place to plant your business. With its bustling downtown city life and historic streets of Old Colorado City, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with new customers. Whether you’re working as a vendor at a festival or farmer’s market or prepping an influx of seasonal orders at your florist shop or bakery, we can help keep your items at the ideal temperature so you can focus on offering the best experience to your customers.

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