Keep It Cold™ — Even in the Texas Heat

Whether you need a small refrigerated trailer rental for an event, a portable walk-in freezer rental to supplement your restaurant’s storage, or just some temporary refrigeration solutions to cover a breakdown in the kitchen, we have the equipment you need to keep your items cool.

Our portable refrigeration unit rentals are built to travel, so they’re designed to be rugged enough to handle all the bumps and dips in the road while maintaining the quality you expect from your refrigeration equipment. Forced-air heat defrosts the condenser, ensuring continuous operation without the risk of a frozen evaporator, and 4-inch thick insulation keeps all that cold air where it’s supposed to be while maintaining energy efficiency. All of our cold storage trailers also come with PVC door curtains to keep the cold air in while the door is open for loading and unloading.

Truck hauling portable refrigeration unit

Each of our portable refrigeration unit rentals available in Dallas, TX, includes:

When you’ve got a business or event in Dallas that requires portable walk-in freezers or outdoor refrigeration, we’re here to help with the best portable refrigerator rentals in the business.

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For the Love of Frosty: Refrigerated Trailer Rentals in Dallas, TX, to Keep Your Cool

When you partner with Keep It Cold™, you can expect our walk-in refrigerator specialists to find you a rental that meets your seasonal and temporary cooling needs. From fridge trailers to refrigerated catering storage units to commercial freezer rentals, we have it all in Dallas, TX. No matter what your industry uses are for the freezer and refrigerator rentals, we’ll deliver exactly what you need to keep your cool in the middle of a Dallas, TX heatwave.

We have a range of single-temperature and dual temp portable refrigeration unit rentals in Dallas, TX, that can meet your business’s or organization’s cooling needs while conserving space. Get one walk-in cooler rental unit that’s the perfect size instead of two or three units that take up precious parking lot or vendor space.

Freezing Awesome Temporary Cold Storage Trailer Sizes Available in Dallas, TX

Whether your restaurant’s walk-in refrigerator stopped working in the middle of an evening rush or your refrigerated event storage solution fell through just days before your event, we have portable refrigeration unit rentals you can use in Dallas, TX, at a moment’s notice. Our temporary refrigeration units are dependable, secure, and perfect for preserving the quality and freshness of your products, even on the hottest day of the year.

We provide the following sizes for our portable refrigeration units rentals:

  • 5’ Fridge Trailer: This small refrigerated trailer rental is ideal for keeping items cool or frozen for private events or additional cold storage.
  • 8’ Walk-In Cooler Rental: This rental is perfect for storing food and drinks for catered events, fairs, or festivals. It’s also a preferred choice among customers who have multiple orders to be stored during holiday rushes.
  • 12’ Dual Temp Trailers: Do you have a kitchen remodel planned? This sized refrigerator trailer is the perfect solution for holding a variety of foods at the ideal temperatures. A 12’ trailer is also perfect for beverage companies, slaughterhouses, and meatpackers.

Keeping Things Chill With Commercial Freezer Rentals in Dallas, TX

No matter if you’re trying to meet the demands of a seasonal influx of orders or temporarily replace a malfunctioning refrigerator, you don’t have to lose your cool. From refrigerated catering storage units to 12’ refrigerated trailer rentals, we have a commercial cold storage unit that can keep your products chilled or frozen for as long as you need.

No Cold Feet, Only Cold Items, With Cooler Trailers for Sale

Do you expect your cooling needs to extend far into the future? Our cooler trailers for sale in Dallas are the perfect solution! These trailers promise to keep your items cold as long as you have need. Whether you’re a florist trying to keep your flowers from wilting or a catering business looking for the best refrigerated event storage solutions, you can rely on our trailers to propel you towards the success and growth of your business.

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Don’t turn into the Heat Miser when your kitchen’s freezer breaks down or when the cold storage demands for an upcoming event are greater than expected. Instead, turn to Keep It Cold™ for portable refrigeration unit rentals in Dallas, TX. From small trailers to 12’ refrigerated trailer rentals, we have a solution that will help you remain chill, no matter the circumstances. Contact us today to learn more about our trailer prices and rental options.