Remain Chill With the Best Features

Are you looking for temporary refrigeration solutions that will withstand the rigors of your event or business? Look no further than our portable refrigeration unit rentals in Dayton, OH. These cold storage trailers will provide top-notch performance, so you can expend all your physical and mental energy on offering your customers a fantastic experience. When you request one of our single or dual temp trailers, you can expect:

Truck hauling portable refrigeration unit

*Additional cords are available for rental as needed.

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The Only Refrigerated Trailer Rentals in Dayton, OH, You’ll Need to Stay Cool

Keeping your items at the ideal temperature during an event, kitchen renovation, or routine process requires the dependability of high-quality fridge and freezer rentals. That’s why companies across Dayton turn to our team for their unique cooling needs. Our specialists can set you up with temporary refrigeration units that will keep your products cold, no matter the temperatures surrounding the unit.

No matter if you have cooling or freezing needs, we have a solution for you. Our single-temperature portable refrigeration unit rentals in Dayton, OH, can act as a fridge or freezer, providing the ideal storage for however long you need. In addition to these units, we also have dual-temperature fridge trailers that can be adjusted according to your needs. Our specialists can slide the interior panel separating the two sections so you can meet your fresh and frozen demands simultaneously.

Your Cheat-Sheet to Sizing Commercial Freezer Rentals in Dayton, OH

Whether you need temporary refrigeration units to store meat before sending it to a packing plant or a walk-in cooler rental to keep brews cold during a festival, we have a solution guaranteed to keep you cold in the most heated situations. Here’s a quick guide on choosing the portable refrigeration unit that is right for you:

  • 12’ Freezer and Refrigerator Rentals: Do you need to meet the cooling needs of your meatpacking plant, slaughterhouse, beverage company, or large kitchen renovation? Then you need our largest portable walk-in freezer rental.
  • 8’ Fridge and Freezer Rentals: Do you own or manage a catering business or frequently participate as a vendor at a fair, festival, or convention? Our midsize rentals act as the coolest solution for refrigerated event storage.
  • 5’ Cold Storage Trailers: Does your business cater private events or have an upcoming kitchen renovation or holiday rush? These situations call for a small refrigerated trailer rental.

This reference guide is designed to give you an idea of what size cold storage solution you will need. If you’re unsure which trailer will work for you, our specialists can provide further guidance.

Meet Your Long-Term Cold Storage Needs With a Cooler Trailer for Sale

If you expect your cold storage needs to extend far into the future, consider purchasing a cooler trailer for sale. These units are built to last and can meet your cooling needs every time. Whether you require a cooler trailer to ensure your pharmaceutical company can keep vaccines cold for weeks at a time, or you need a refrigerated event storage solution to keep food and beverages cold, you can count on our top-of-the-line trailers to keep the heat at bay.

About Dayton, OH

Known as the Birthplace of Aviation, Dayton, OH, has so much to offer! It’s home to the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park and the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, as well as an array of eclectic restaurants, shops, breweries, and attractions. Residents and businesses alike can also participate in the myriad of art and cultural festivals that occur throughout the year. With so much to do, it’s a no-brainer why Dayton is a cool place to live and work.

How Our Temporary Cold Storage Solutions in Dayton, OH, Can Help You Beat the Heat

When roadblocks keep popping up as you plan an event, get ready to participate as a vendor, or schedule a kitchen renovation, it’s easy to boil over with rage and stress. Luckily, you don’t have to become overheated because Keep It Cold™ has the cold storage solutions you need. Just let us know when and where you require additional cooling space, and we’ll equip you with the perfect portable refrigeration unit rentals in Dayton, OH. For more information on our trailer prices and rental options, contact our cool specialists today!