A college city that also happens to be the fourth largest city in Colorado, Fort Collins seems to always have something new to see or experience. Walk-in refrigerator and freezer rentals and dual-temp trailers not only make it easier for small businesses to set up successful offsite events, but they also help in an emergency when normal equipment fails or starts to have issues. For all types of businesses and interests, Keep It Cold™ offers multiple-sized portable refrigeration unit rentals in Fort Collins, CO. Each is meticulously designed to provide you with the right amount of cold you need, even on the hottest days in July.



We have a variety of single-temperature fridge trailers as well as a number of dual-temp trailers that can both freeze and refrigerate at the same time, so you never have to worry about losing your chill.

5' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

5' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: $130 - $146  |  Weekly Rental: $715 - $800 | Monthly Rental: $2,505 - $2,805

8' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

8' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: $165 - $185 | Weekly Rental: $910 - $1,010 | Monthly Rental: $3,185 - $3,320

12' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

12' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: $195 - $220 | Weekly Rental: $1,070 - $1,190 | Monthly Rental: $3,560 - $3,750

12' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

12' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: $230 - $255 | Weekly Rental: $1,210 - $1,340 |  Monthly Rental: $3,880 - $4,305

16' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

16' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: Coming Soon | Weekly Rental: Coming Soon  | Monthly Rental: Coming Soon

The Coolest Industries We’ve Worked With


Fairs & Events


Food Distributors


Florists & Flower Distributors






Meat & Dairy


Pop-Up & Mobile Restaurants


Private Citizen Use




Wedding Coordinators


Wineries & Vineyards

Every industry has its particular demands. Because of this, our refrigerated trailer rentals in Fort Collins, CO, are constructed with cutting-edge condensers, so you can be sure they won’t break down once they get to their destination. Because versatility is essential to making sure you’re never left in the cold, our trailers may serve as a temporary walk-in refrigerator, refrigerated catering storage unit, or a commercial freezer rental.

How Our Freezer Trailers Keep It Cold

Our portable refrigeration unit rentals in Fort Collins, CO, have been designed to withstand not just the demands of your occasion, festival, eatery, brewery, wedding, or catering business but also the rough terrain of the road. You can rely on the functionality of our portable walk-in freezer rentals from the moment they are delivered to your location.

  • Our courteous drivers will place the walk-in cooler rental unit in the most practical spot and ensure it is secure, level, and stabilized.
  • Each and every one of our units, from the small refrigerated trailer rental to the 12’ cold storage trailer, offers consistent hot air defrost cycles and frost-free operation.
  • You can set any of our units to operate as a freezer or refrigerator, and we’ll show you how to adjust the temperature to your ideal range.
  • All of our temporary cold storage solutions in Fort Collins, CO, come with interior and exterior LED lighting.
  • To satisfy your freezing and refrigerating needs simultaneously, we offer a variety of cooler trailers for sale and rent that can be customized. For instance, the internal panel of our dual-temperature units can be moved to adjust the size of the freezer compartment.
  • To ensure that you are prepared to set up wherever and whenever you need, we will offer all the necessary cords and extension cords.

*As needed, additional cords will be provided.

The Best Refrigerated Trailer Rentals in Fort Collins, CO, for Every Need

You need a refrigerator rental you can rely on, whether your restaurant’s refrigerator broke down last night or you have an upcoming catering event. Our walk-in cooler rentals were built using top-of-the-line materials and equipment to deliver the ideal temperature for your particular industry uses. When you need portable refrigeration unit rentals in Fort Collins, CO, our experts will help you select the best cold storage option for your fresh and frozen product needs.

In addition to small refrigerated trailer rentals that can only be set to a single temperature, we also provide units that can be set to two temperatures simultaneously. Our personnel will modify the internal wall when we deliver the unit to meet your specific requirements. For example, if you need more freezer space, we can make this happen. If you require a larger refrigerator area, we can adjust the panel to accommodate these needs. Whatever the scope of your requirements, you can rely on our portable refrigeration units rental options to maintain the appropriate temperature for your products or items.

How to Choose the Right-Sized Commercial Freezer Rentals in Fort Collins, CO

Do you need temporary refrigeration solutions to prevent your products from overheating? We have the coolest option for you, whether you need to hire a walk-in freezer rental to keep your meats fresh before you send them to the packaging facility or a fridge trailer to handle an influx of flower orders or beers during a festival. No matter the conditions you’re operating under, our commercial freezer rentals in Fort Collins, CO, will preserve the quality and freshness of your products.

How do you determine which size cold storage trailer you require? Here is a short guide to help:

5’ Refrigerator Rentals

When the event is private, our smallest-sized trailer is perfect for refrigerated event storage. When the kitchen is being renovated, or you have a surge in business, you can also utilize it as additional cold storage for your establishment.

8’ Portable Walk-In Freezer Rentals

Vendors attending a fair or event in Colorado frequently use our mid-sized refrigerated trailer rentals. It may also be the ideal refrigerated catering storage option for big events or conferences.

12’ Refrigerated and Freezer Trailers

The demands of meatpacking factories, slaughterhouses, and beverage companies are best served by our biggest portable refrigeration units rentals. They can also be useful during a commercial kitchen remodel.

Top Benefits of Our Temporary Cold Storage Solutions in Fort Collins, CO

With the help of our portable refrigeration unit rentals in Fort Collins, CO, you can meet all of your cold storage requirements. Whether you’re attempting to keep your flower arrangements from wilting or your clinic’s vaccines at the proper temperature, you could benefit from using one of our temporary refrigeration units.

You can set the unit to the perfect temperature

Your organization’s freezing and cooling requirements are distinct from those of the next company. Thankfully, our refrigerated rental units can be adjusted to the precise temperature you need. No matter how hot it is outside, the state-of-the-art equipment will maintain the perfect environment.

Our trailers can be used in an array of applications

Do you need to keep beer cold at a festival? Our trailers act as the best refrigerated event storage option. They’re also useful for hospitals, food distributors, farmers, and even homeowners remodeling their kitchens!

You can rely on the rental being affordable

We provide economical temporary refrigeration solutions so you can satisfy your cold storage demands without breaking the bank. With our reasonably priced cooler trailers for sale, you can keep cool and your spending under control, even if your cooling needs continue longer than expected.

About Fort Collins, CO

Located in the foothills of the Rock Mountains, Fort Collins is known for its outdoor recreational activities. Residents can go white-water rafting, hiking, running, or biking, and can also bask in the picturesque views. This Northern Colorado city is also known for its craft beer, with more than 20 local breweries and frequent beer festivals. With so much to do, it’s no wonder people and businesses alike prefer calling Fort Collins home.


When it seems like nothing is going right, it is easy to become enraged and stressed. Thankfully, Keep It Cold™ is here to assist you in keeping cool under pressure. You can trust our experts to deliver the best portable refrigeration unit rentals in Fort Collins, CO, whether your restaurant’s refrigerator malfunctioned in the middle of the night or your event storage solution fell through just before it was needed. To learn more about our trailer prices and rental options, get in touch with our team today.



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