Portable Refrigeration Unit Rentals in Fort Worth, TX

As one of the largest cities  in the United States, Fort Worth is home to a ton of restaurants, bars, breweries, festivals, and events. When the Texas heat comes rolling in, it’s imperative to have the right portable refrigeration unit rentals in Fort Worth, TX, to keep your items safe and cool.

Keep It Cold™ is here with all the temporary refrigeration solutions to meet your needs — from refrigerated catering storage units to small walk-in cooler rentals to 12’ refrigerated trailer rentals. All you have to do is let our portable refrigerator rental specialists know the specifications of your cooling demands, and we’ll take care of the rest, including choosing the right unit, transporting it to your location, and getting it set to the ideal temperature. Just sit back and keep cool!

Remain Chill With Quality Refrigerated Trailer Rentals in Fort Worth, TX

When it comes to finding temporary refrigeration solutions for your restaurant, business, or event, it’s important to get a quality fridge trailer you can rely on. That’s why our cold storage trailers are built for the road so that you never have to wonder if the condenser will be able to withstand the trip to your location.

Whether you need a portable walk-in freezer rental or a small refrigerated trailer rental, we have you covered. Our temporary refrigeration units can be set to refrigerator or freezer temps, and we also have dual-temp trailers with two doors available. Every entry on our units uses PVC door curtains to keep the cold air in when loading and unloading, and all walls boast 4-inch insulation to help you conserve power.

When you rent our temporary walk-in refrigerator solutions, we will deliver your rental unit to your Fort Worth location and set it up so that all you need to worry about is knowing what temperature your products need to be held at. Our portable refrigeration unit rentals in Fort Worth, TX, even use a hot air defrost cycle, so you never have to worry about the evaporator freezing up — just set it and forget it!

Each one of our refrigerated trailer rentals in Fort Worth, TX, includes:



We offer single-temperature portable refrigeration units rentals with a single door and several dual temperature models with two exterior doors in various sizes so that your cooling and freezing needs are met to your exact specifications.

  • 5 Foot Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales
  • 8' Trailer
  • 12' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales
  • 12' Dual Temp Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales
  • coming soon16' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales
  • Dual Temp

8' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

8' Refrigerated trailer rentals and sales

Daily Rental: $140 - $165

Weekly Rental: $760 - $910

Monthly Rental: $2,660 - $3,185

Cool Clients & Industries in Fort Worth We’ve Worked With Include:

We know there are hundreds of industry uses for our freezer and fridge trailers, so we’re committed to making sure we can provide you with the highest quality units that you can trust to perform no matter what you need.

Sizing Guide for Our Temporary Cold Storage Trailers in Fort Worth, TX

When you need to keep your items refrigerated or in temperature-controlled environments, give us a call. We’ll hook you up with portable refrigeration unit rentals in Fort Worth, TX, that are up to the challenge of keeping your products cool no matter the circumstances. Whether you are storing an abundance of flower orders or need a way to keep your brews chilled during a festival, we have a portable refrigeration unit rental that will preserve the quality and freshness of your products.

Truck hauling portable refrigeration unit

Our temporary cold storage trailers in Fort Worth, TX, come in three different sizes:

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Cool Benefits of Commercial Freezer Rentals in Fort Worth, TX

Since 2020, small businesses, entrepreneurs, restaurants, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies have been enjoying the cooling and freezing capabilities of our commercial freezer rentals in Fort Worth, TX. You can reap the ice-cold benefits of one of our portable refrigeration unit rentals in Fort Worth, TX, as well. When you rent one of our refrigerated trailers, you can expect that:

  • The trailer will be useful in a variety of applications: Keep finger food at safe temperatures during an event, or keep your meat frozen before it’s transported to the packing plant. No matter if you need it to act as a refrigerated event storage unit or a walk-in freezer, our trailer rental will do it all!
  • The refrigerated trailer will have adjustable temperature control capabilities: Whether you need a unit set at a cool 34 degrees, a frigid -4 degrees, or somewhere in between, our rentals can be set to the desired temperature. The unit will do all the work of maintaining the perfect environment, even when it’s the hottest day of the year.
  • The refrigerated rental will be affordable: Our temporary refrigerated trailers are the ideal solution when you don’t anticipate your cold storage needs lasting year-round. We provide all our units — from small walk-in coolers to 12’ refrigerated trailer rentals — at affordable rates, so you can keep your cool without freezing your budget.

Have Long-Term Cold Storage Needs? Check Out Our Cooler Trailers for Sale

Sometimes, your cold storage needs aren’t temporary. We understand every client’s cooling needs are different, which is why we provide cooler trailers for sale in addition to our rentals. These single-temperature and dual temp trailers are dependable pieces of equipment businesses and organizations need to have on hand to meet their cooling and freezing demands in an instant.

About Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth is the twelfth largest city in the United States, and it’s no wonder why it’s so popular among residents and tourists alike. The City of Cowboys and Culture is the heart of the Modern West and features a diverse selection of entertainment — from the historic western Stockyards to the downtown district. Residents can enjoy a good ol’ honky-tonk at the Stockyards or eat ‘til they burst at many delicious dining spots in Sundance Square. There are also plenty of parks, museums, concerts, and sporting events to enjoy.

Flexible Freezers and Refrigeration to Meet Your Needs

Whether you need a portable walk-in freezer rental to expand your restaurant’s storage needs or temporary refrigeration units to keep drinks cold at your brewery’s festival, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you’re catering an outdoor wedding and need a refrigerated catering storage unit to keep the finger foods cool, or perhaps you need some extra refrigerated space to keep floral arrangements from wilting. Whatever your cold storage needs are, Keep It Cold™ is here to help with an array of portable refrigeration unit rentals in Fort Worth, TX. Reach out to learn more about our trailer prices and rental options to find a solution that works best for you.