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Refrigerated Trailer Rentals Designed to Beat the Heat in Houston, TX

The Houston heat is no joke, which is why it’s more important than ever to make sure you keep it cold. Instead of risking the quality of your items to a subpar walk-in cooler rental, choose a solution designed with the Texas heat in mind. Our portable refrigeration unit rentals in Houston, TX, feature top-of-line equipment, such as durable evaporators and condensers, to keep your products fresh and secure as long as you need.

In addition to state-of-the-art equipment, you’ll receive superior service when you schedule one of our portable walk-in freezer rentals. Whether you need a cold storage trailer at the last minute or for a future event, we have you covered. Our technicians will deliver the portable refrigeration units rentals to your place of business or desired location, so you don’t have to worry about arranging a towing service. Once your rental is placed in the ideal location, we’ll work quickly to set it up and show you how to adjust the temperature. From here, you’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll! Whether you’re using the trailer for refrigerated event storage or extra freezer space, you can rest assured that your products are cold and secure.

The Benefits of Renting Commercial Freezer Rentals in Houston, TX

When you’re faced with the challenge of choosing temporary refrigeration solutions for your business or event, you will find that there are a variety of options. However, only one will deliver dependable performance and meet your needs without breaking the bank. That solution is our portable refrigeration unit rentals in Houston, TX. These cold storage trailers will keep your items at the ideal temperature while ensuring failure isn’t an option. Here are the other reasons we believe you will not be disappointed with our commercial freezer rentals in Houston, TX:

  • Ease of Setup: We make the setup process so easy that you don’t have to do anything! On the day of delivery, our specialists will take care of everything — from locating, leveling, stabilizing, and securing the fridge trailer to showing you how to adjust the temperature if your needs change after setup.
  • Dependable Operation: Whether used for additional freezer space or refrigerated catering storage, our trailers will ensure you don’t have to worry about frost damaging any stored products. The condensers and evaporators built into the portable refrigeration units rentals prevent a buildup of frost, guaranteeing the quality of your items remains intact.
  • Customization: No two cold storage demands are the same, which is why the versatility of our trailer units is so crucial. Our fridge trailer can be used as a walk-in refrigerator or freezer. And if you have both refrigerating and freezing needs, you can meet them simultaneously with a dual-temp unit.
  • Safety First: If you’re working as a vendor well into the night or have late business hours, you’ll appreciate that each unit has exterior and interior LED safety lighting. You also have the option to add a lock to keep your products secure, a helpful feature whether you have a small refrigerated trailer rental or a large refrigerated catering storage solution.

Need Help Staying Cool in the Long Term? Try Our Cooler Trailers for Sale

Want to keep your cold storage unit longer than a few months? That’s perfect! You can continue to rent the unit, or you can shop for a cooler trailer for sale right from your favorite provider! We offer a range of cold storage trailers that can be purchased and used for anything from storing food and beverages to keeping raw meat frozen before being transported to the packing facility. Just let us know if you’re interested in owning your equipment, and we’ll walk you through the process.

About Houston, TX

Known as the most diverse metropolitan area in Texas, Houston boasts an eclectic mix of eateries, shopping centers, recreational activities, performing and visual arts venues, museums, and more. It’s no surprise it is gaining international recognition and remains a hub of activity. Businesses throughout the city are able to enjoy the benefits of its popularity and can often see an influx of orders and event opportunities during the peak tourist seasons.