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Stay Cool in the Blazin’ Heat With Refrigerated Trailer Rentals in San Antonio, TX

Texas knows heat — unfortunately, this heat isn’t always a good thing, especially when you’re trying to run a business up to code and to the satisfaction of your customers. Instead of trusting your items to the depths of the average walk-in cooler rental, turn to our extremely durable portable refrigeration unit rentals in San Antonio, TX. We’ve manufactured these trailers using state-of-the-art condensers and evaporators so that you can remain confident knowing your products are being kept fresh and safe throughout the course of your business day or event.

When you request the delivery of one of our portable walk-in freezer rentals, you can expect prompt service. We are equipped to and capable of answering last-minute calls and advanced requests. On the day of delivery, our specialists will bring the portable refrigeration units rentals to your place of business or the location you require cold storage. We’ll then set it up for you, including plugging it into a dedicated circuit, setting it to the ideal temperature, and locking it down. No matter if you use the trailer for refrigerated event storage or as additional freezer space, you can have peace of mind knowing the items are cold and secure.

Why Should You Rent Commercial Freezer Rentals in San Antonio, TX?

When choosing temporary refrigeration solutions, you will be faced with dozens of options, but only one will deliver the performance you require. Don’t leave your business vulnerable to cold storage failure, especially in the heat of the moment. Instead, turn to our portable refrigeration unit rentals, available in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas. Here’s how you could benefit from scheduling our cold storage trailers for commercial use and more:

  • Easy Setup: We’ll set you up for success by delivering your fridge trailer and locating it in the proper place. Our specialists will not leave until the unit is leveled, stabilized, secured, and working at the appropriate temperature. Once you’re comfortable and confident in the unit’s operation, we’ll leave you to rock your business.
  • Worry-Free Operation: Frost has no place in business. It can easily wilt produce and flowers, damage cakes and other baked goods, and cause freezer burn on meat products. Luckily, you can have peace of mind knowing the chances of frost damage is slim to none when you use our commercial freezer rentals in San Antonio, TX. These trailers, commonly used for refrigerated catering storage and extra freezer space, are equipped with condensers and evaporators that ensure frost-free operation.
  • Custom Options: Our portable refrigeration units rentals can be set to a variety of different temperatures depending on your needs. From freezer to refrigerator mode, we can help you adjust the temperature to the ideal range. If you need to meet your refrigerating and freezing demands simultaneously, we can set you up with a dual-temp fridge trailer. This unit will come with an internal panel that can be moved to expand or minimize the freezer space.
  • Safety Features: Whether you choose a small refrigerated trailer rental or a larger refrigerated catering storage solution, you can expect to enjoy LED safety lighting on the inside and outside of the unit. You can even equip your unit with a lock to keep your items secure.

Keep Your Chill With Cooler Trailers for Sale

Are you wondering, “But what if my cold storage needs aren’t temporary? Can you still help me?” Our answer is, “Absolutely!” We offer an array of cooler trailers for sale to help you meet your long-term cold storage demands for as long as they last. These units can do everything from chilling food and beverages to storing floral arrangements to keeping vaccines chilled. No matter how long you require additional refrigerator and freezer space, our trailers will deliver.

About San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is a city in Texas steeped in history. It’s a culture committed to staying true to its roots, and everything is based on authenticity. Residents throughout the area can enjoy abundant history, art, tasty cuisine, and exciting shopping experiences. Businesses can also benefit from planting roots in San Antonio as there are several festivals and seasonal events throughout the year that attract people from all over the country.