Stationary or Mobile Refrigeration Units – Which is Better?

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Refrigeration

When it comes to renting a portable refrigerated trailer there are many things to consider beyond price. The biggest issue is reliability. When you have a permanent location, everyone has a wide variety of refrigeration and freezers from walk-ins to reach-ins to under counter refrigeration and freezers. The choices are endless for the types of refrigeration available, and all the units have the same thing in common, they are designed for one stationary location. These units are not designed to be put on the back of a truck or trailer and driven around enduring the all the vibrations and bumps of the road. They simply do not have the necessary engineered design features for this type of abuse.

Keep It Cold™ refrigerated trailers are designed for the road. Even the refrigeration unit (evaporator, condenser, fans and temperature controls) are designed for heavy road use. This means that no matter how bad the roads are, when we bring your rented refrigerated trailer to your location you can be confident that “parts have not loosened up” and our units are rock solid, and that when it is in freezer mode your products will also be rock solid!

Who Needs Mobile Refrigeration?

Most of our competitors use a different technique when designing and building portable refrigerator trailers.stationary walk-in refrigerators and freezers They often use the same building and design features used in stationary walk-in refrigerators and freezers on their refrigerator trailers. Put more simply, they take a stationary walk-in refer or freezer and put it on a trailer including its critical mechanical refrigeration/freezer unit that was not built to take road trips. Unless the refrigeration unit is designed for the bumps on the roads, it may not hold together through the miles of deliveries rental companies do. Just think about the abuse rental cars are subjected too! At Keep It Cold™ we believe that our attention to detail in every aspect of our manufacturing process provides our customers with the best cold remedies for our customers’ temporary or increased seasonal cold storage needs.

Some examples of industries that need high-quality mobile refrigeration include:

  • Caterers
  • Wedding coordinators
  • Pop up or mobile restaurants
  • Breweries and distilleries
  • Hospitals
  • Food distributors
  • Fairs and other outdoor events
  • And more

The issue with many refrigeration units is that they aren’t equipped to handle bumps in the road and other unforeseen issues as the food is being transported from point A to point B and if your refrigeration unit fails when you need it most, the consequences could be serious when it comes to your event.

Food and Product Damage

Just imagine you have hundreds of hungry and thirsty guests at an event that’s been planned for weeks or even months and you discover the food is no longer refrigerated when it arrives, or the refrigeration fails at some point after it arrives. Depending on what’s inside, you may be looking at a situation where you have to throw out everything for quality reasons or even worse, health reasons. This is especially true if the temperature outside is high enough to cause the food to deteriorate quickly. In this scenario, not only will your reputation take a hit, but there could also be a substantial financial loss.

Failure to Meet Important Timelines

Another potential consequence of using stationary refrigeration instead of mobile refrigeration is that your timeline may have to be altered or you could miss it altogether. If you have to replace spoiled or damaged food on short notice, there will be some unhappy guests waiting for you to get it together. And if you need refrigeration because of an emergency situation, then a distorted timeline will have even worse results. With a mobile refrigeration unit, you can feel secure that your food will be kept cold on the way to its destination, so it’s safe and ready to eat upon arrival.

Benefits of Road Safe Mobile Refrigerators

The solution to these possible scenarios is to use road safe mobile refrigerators that will keep working and providing you with the refrigeration you need from start to finish. This way, you don’t have to consider each individual step of the process so diligently. You can plan the preparation and delivery of the food to the desired location and then have peace of mind knowing it will arrive how you need it, ready to be served to your guests or attendees. Bumps in the road are inevitable, and it’s wise to use refrigerator units that can take a little physical abuse.


Mobile Refrigeration with Keep It Cold™

At Keep It Cold™, our mobile refrigeration units are specially designed for the task at hand. They are meant to be on the road and will keep your food perfectly chilled or frozen depending on your needs. We offer refrigeration trailers in a range of sizes in both single-temperature and dual-temperature varieties.

When you allow us to take care of your mobile refrigeration needs, we will help you every step of the way. This includes selecting the right type of unit for the job, positioning the unit in the ideal spot at your location so it’s level and secure, providing you with operational instructions and providing you with the necessary extension cords to Keep It Cold™ as long as you need it.

Wherever you need to go, we can help you ‘Keep It Cold™’ along the way. Contact us today to find the right unit for you!




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