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Not sure if goods can fit or not? Don’t worry! Our Walk-in Cooler Space Calculator can be your tool for maximizing rented space while meeting safety standards. Easily determine how many food product cases can be accommodated with precision. Whether you are looking for a refrigeration load calculator or a walk in cooler size calculator, use our cooler size calculator to ensure you find the perfect fit for your requirements. Streamline your planning process and ensure efficiency with every rental.

Trailer Size

Select a Keep It Cold Trailer which is preloaded with the correct interior dimensions, or enter your custom cooler size if needed.

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When entering the height of the cooler box, don't block the airflow of the mechanical refigration unit when loading cases of food

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Product Details

Enter the size and weight of your case below or use the presset for quick estimation of many common items

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Adjust trailer sizes for instant cooler capacity changes. Add a middle aisle if you need access. Start over for diffrent case sizes or weights

Trailer Size

Change the Trailer Size or the Aisle Width and your results will update

Aisle Width

Change the Trailer Size or the Aisle Width and your results will update

Aisle Width:

How Does the Cooler Space Calculator Work?

Select Your Trailer Size:

Choose from our 5′, 8′, or 12′ Keep It Cold Trailers

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Or do a custom-sized cold box if you are not using one of our cold boxes.

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Input Your Food Case Dimensions:

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Specify Case Weigh (pounds) ________
(Provide the weight of each case to ensure the total load is below the trailer’s legal weight limit)


Our COOLER SPACE CALCULATOR will compute the total number of cases that can be safely stored in the selected trailer, along with the total weight. Based on the details you’ve provided about the trailer size and product dimensions, here are the optimal stacking configurations and their respective weights for your load. Efficient, safe, and hassle-free—optimize your operations today with our refrigeration and freezer load calculator!

Your Results

Trailer Size Selected: [Insert Trailer Size]

Product Dimensions: [Insert Product Dimensions]

Stacking Configurations and Results

Our Walk-in Cooler Space Calculator is as cool as it gets! Discover two smart ways to stack your products: either lengthwise along the back wall or the side wall. These methods always yield different results, offering you flexible and efficient options to maximize the load.

1. Lengthwise Stacking Along the Back Wall

Number of Cases: [Calculated Number]
Total Weight: [Calculated Weight]
This configuration aligns the cases lengthwise against the back wall of the trailer, maximizing depth utilization.

2. Lengthwise Stacking Along the Side Wall

Number of Cases: [Calculated Number]
Total Case Weight: [Calculated Weight]

In this configuration, the cases are aligned lengthwise against the side wall, utilizing the length of the trailer for stacking.

In this configuration, the cases are aligned lengthwise against the side wall, utilizing the length of the trailer for stacking.

Making the Best Choice

The above configurations provide you with options to best utilize the space within the trailer while adhering to safety standards. Consider the nature of your products, ease of access, and weight distribution when selecting the optimal stacking method. For further assistance or clarification, please contact our support team.

Ready to Load?

Now that you have your optimal stacking plan with our walk in cooler sizing calculator, you’re all set to efficiently and safely load your Keep It Cold trailer! Here are a few safety tips.

Align Corners Properly:

When stacking boxes, ensure that all four corners of each box are properly aligned with the box below it. This alignment adds to the structural strength of the stack and prevents crushing or collapsing, especially under significant weight.

Stack Heaviest Boxes at the Bottom

Always start with the heaviest boxes at the bottom of the stack. This provides a stable base and prevents lighter boxes from being crushed.

Avoid Overstacking

Do not stack boxes too high. High stacks can become unstable and are more prone to toppling over. Ensure that the height of the stack is manageable and safe.

Distribute Weight Evenly

Ensure that weight is evenly distributed across the stack. Uneven weight distribution can lead to tipping or collapsing of the stack.

Use Proper Lifting Techniques

When lifting boxes, always lift with your knees, not your back. Keep your back straight and bend at the knees to pick up a box. This helps prevent back injuries.

Keep Pathways Clear

Ensure that the area where you are stacking is free of obstacles. Clear pathways help in safe movement and reduce the risk of trips and falls.

Wear Appropriate Gear

Use gloves to protect your hands and ensure a better grip. Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes to protect your feet.

Check Box Conditions

Before stacking, inspect boxes for any damage. A damaged or weakened box can compromise the stability of the entire stack.

Consider Accessibility

Arrange the boxes in a way that the items you need first are easily accessible. Avoid having to unstack and restack boxes frequently.

Monitor Stack Stability

Regularly check the stacks for any signs of leaning or instability, and adjust as necessary.

Remember, safety is paramount. Take your time, plan your approach, and never rush the stacking process, especially when dealing with a large number of heavy items.


Q: How accurate is the Cooler Space Calculator?

A: The accuracy of the refrigeration calculator is largely dependent on the precision of the input you provide. As with most things in life, ‘garbage in, garbage out’ holds. To ensure an effective estimation, we highly recommend rounding your case dimensions up slightly. For instance, if a case measures 24 1/2 inches in length, round it up to 25 inches. This approach not only accommodates slight measurement errors but also allows for optimal stacking procedures.

It’s important to note that proper air circulation is crucial for efficient cooling. If cases are stacked too tightly, leaving no space for air to flow, it becomes significantly harder to maintain the desired temperature, especially if the items are not pre-chilled. By rounding up dimensions, you allow for necessary air gaps between stacks, promoting better and more consistent cooling throughout the trailer. Besides, it’s difficult to stack perfectly so give your boxes and you a little breathing room.

Remember, the Cooler Space Calculator is a tool to aid in planning and should be used as a guide rather than an exact measurement. For any specific concerns or unique storage requirements, feel free to reach out to our team for assistance.

Q: What should I do if my load exceeds the recommended weight limit?

A: If the walk in cooler load calculation exceeds the specified weight limit for the trailer, it’s crucial to understand that you cannot safely move the trailer or drive on the road. For road travel, you must reduce the load to comply with the trailer’s weight capacity, which is determined based on its construction and government safety regulations.

However, if your intention is solely to use the trailer for stationary storage and not for transportation, exceeding the weight limit can be manageable. In such cases, inform your dealer about this specific need. We can provide support jacks for the four corners of the trailer. These jacks are designed to take the excessive load off the tires, preventing any potential damage due to overloading.

It’s important to note that this approach is only safe for trailers that will remain stationary. If at any point you plan to move the trailer, the load must be adjusted to fall within the legal weight limits for road safety.

For assistance with managing an overloaded trailer for stationary use, or to request support jacks, please contact your Keep It Cold dealer. We are here to ensure your storage needs are met safely and efficiently, whether in motion or stationary.

Q: Is there a way to calculate storing multiple cases of different sizes?

A: Yes, the refrigeration sizing calculator is versatile enough to handle calculations for multiple products. If you’re loading two types of products into the trailer, you can easily run two separate calculations. For example, if you are using an eight-foot trailer, you can virtually divide it in half. Configure the calculator for a custom container with dimensions of half the length of the trailer (e.g., four feet in length, by the full width and height of the trailer). Run the walk in cooler load calculation twice – once for each type of product – to determine if half of your load will fit in each half of the trailer.

However, if you prefer not to perform these calculations yourself or if you have more than two types of products, we’re here to assist. Simply fill out the form below with your product details, and our administrative staff will perform the calculations for you. This ensures you get an accurate assessment of how to best utilize the space in your rented refrigerated trailer.

And remember, if you have any questions or unique requirements, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re committed to helping you make the most of your Keep It Cold trailer rental.

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