What to Expect After Renting a Mobile Freezer Trailer

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Refrigeration

Mobile refrigeration units have been used across industries for several years. Despite this, many business owners and managers are still unfamiliar with the process of renting and using temporary cold storage rentals. This lack of understanding often causes them to shy away from using these versatile units. We didn’t want this to be the case any longer. That’s why our mobile refrigeration experts answered the most pressing questions about the rental process.

How Is the Refrigerated Trailer Transported to the Proper Location?

Many people worry they will need to make arrangements for towing the refrigerated trailer rental to their business or event location. However, the reality is much simpler than this! After signing your contract, one of our specialists will deliver the portable refrigeration unit to your preferred location on the pre-scheduled day. This saves you from scheduling an additional towing service or ensuring your vehicle is properly equipped to transport a trailer.

On the day of delivery, our mobile cold storage experts will help you choose the proper location for the trailer, so you can trust it will run efficiently as long as you need it. It’s important to note that the trailer will need to be parked on a flat, level surface in an open area to ensure drainage issues don’t occur and that the condensing unit (which is near the top of the trailer) has proper air ventilation.

What Is Required to Power the Unit?

Your mobile cooler trailer must be plugged into a 110v, 20amp dedicated circuit to operate efficiently and safely. On the day of delivery, our specialists will assist you with setting up the unit. We even provide the necessary 50’, 10-gauge, 110-volt extension cord, so you can have peace of mind knowing your trailer is getting the power it needs to keep things cool. If you don’t have access to an electrical connection, you can connect the refrigerated unit to a generator. Simply let us know if this is the option you require, and we can rent the generator to you.

How Is the Ideal Temperature Set? What If It Needs to Be Adjusted?

Once we’ve connected the cooler trailer to a power source, we will set the unit to your desired temperature. It can take up to an hour for the ideal temperature to be achieved. If it’s especially hot outside, it may take longer than this for the unit to be properly cooled. While you wait for the desired temperature to be reached, make sure you keep the door closed. Once the thermostat indicates the proper temperature, you can begin loading the unit with your items.

Before leaving the delivery site, our specialists will show you how to adjust the mobile refrigeration unit’s internal temperature. This way, if you decide the unit needs to be cooler or warmer, you can easily make the necessary adjustments.

How Should the Rental Be Returned?

Just as our experts delivered the mobile cold storage unit to you, they will also pick it up. So, as soon as your rental ends, all you will need to do is remove your products from the unit, clean the unit’s interior, disconnect the electricity, and ensure there are no obstructions around the unit (so our drivers can gain access to it). Our specialists will take care of the rest!

Start the Rental Process Today With Keep It Cold™

As you can see, scheduling and using a portable cold storage rental for your business needs is easy! To start the rental process, contact Keep It Cold™ today. We’ll hook you up with the best refrigerated trailer so that you can keep your cool whether you’re dealing with seasonal demands, kitchen repairs, emergencies, or large events.




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