Which Power Source is Best for Refrigerated Trailers?

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Portable Refrigeration

Planning to hire or rent a refrigerated trailer? Well, choosing a refrigerated trailer is important to your needs. But, what’s more vital to your needs is the power source of your refrigerated trailers. Which power source is suitable for your needs? And many more such queries might come to your mind. In this article, we will explore all the answers for you, so you can understand what’s good for you. The fine energy supply for refrigerated trailers will rely on different factors. We will examine you to make a clever preference based on your wishes and price range. So, let’s dive into the chilly world of refrigerated trailers and find out which power source works best for you!

What Are Refrigerated Trailers?

Refrigerated trailers are large-sized freezers on wheels. These refrigerated trailers have insulated walls on all four sides and self-powered refrigeration units. It is also commonly called “reefer” or “reefer trailer.” These refrigerated trailers are typically used in food, medical, and chemical industries. They assist in transporting perishable and temperature-sensitive goods from one area to another. These trailers usually contain temperature zones, locking systems, and lighting systems.

Importance Of The Right Power Source for Trailers

The decision for the right power source for trailers is really important for various reasons. The strength of the source determines the functionality of the trailer. For refrigerated trailers, power sources play a major role as they keep the product intact, and cold. Using the incorrect power supply can lead to temperature fluctuations, setting perishable gadgets like meals and remedies in danger.

The right power source also impacts the performance and power of the cooling. Some energy sources are more gas-efficient and eco-friendly than others, which could result in decreased operational fees and decreased environmental impact. Moreover, the choice of power source influences reliability. A dependable strength source ensures that the trailer operates easily without breakdowns or interruptions, which is vital for meeting transport schedules and retaining products in the most beneficial condition.

Type Of Power Source For Trailers

Electric Based

Electric-based refrigerators are in demand in today’s market. These refrigerated trailers work on electricity to power a cooling system that maintains a cold temperature inside it. Electric-based trailers are a relatively more affordable power source than any other type power source. However, it is not the only advantage of it. It also reduces the carbon footprint in the environment. Another benefit is that it works silently so it also reduces noise pollution and irritation. This is especially beneficial for restaurants and businesses that work near residential areas. In addition, companies that use electric standby reefers save on the cost of maintaining a diesel-powered refrigeration unit.

Diesel Based

These refrigerated trailers run on the power of a diesel-based engine. The generator produces the energy for the refrigeration unit through a diesel. They are quite costly as diesel is relatively costlier than electricity. Diesel-based refrigerated trailers can work without needing a truck’s engine to run. They are used for long-rote delivery. As they are useful in keeping goods cold without any socket and plug. However, they can be a bit noisy and produce emissions, which might only be suitable for some situations.

Hybrid Based

A hybrid-based refrigerator is usually an amalgamation of 2 kinds of refrigerators. This facility makes it a cheap, efficient, and eco-friendly option for businesses. It’s like having best of the both worlds. It helps you to switch to the efficient mode easily and conveniently. It saves fuel and also protects the environment. However, the cost of a hybrid-based refrigerator is comparatively higher than any other power source. As it has a combination of two technologies, maintenance of these refrigerators is also complex.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Power Source

Temperature Control Requirements

When looking for any refrigerated trailer the most important aspect to look for is the temperature control setting. It’s all about achieving that right temperature where food neither gets frozen nor gets too hot. While transporting the items temperatures may fluctuate dramatically.

These refrigerated trailers help maintain and keep consistent temperatures throughout. Therefore, keep an eye out for features like adjustable thermostats or digital controls. These gadgets help you set the temperature just right. Also, see if the trailer has good insulation to keep the cold in and the heat out.

Duration of Use

Another important factor to look for is the duration of the use. This particularly means what is the duration you are planning to use it. The duration impacts the refrigerated trailer greatly as it can affect the efficiency and efficacy of your refrigerated trailer.

You must figure out what type of trailer you require a short-term trailer or a long-term trailer. If you have short-term use of a trailer renting one is the best choice to save money. Therefore, duration plays an important role in deciding the refrigerated trailer.

Environmental Impact

Refrigerated trailers greatly impact the environment in many ways. These trailers often release harmful greenhouse gases, harming the environment. While transporting the trailer it consumes the fuel in the form of diesel, or solar energy. The best form of fuel that saves the environment is electricity. Making eco-friendly choices of power sources in refrigerated trailer use promotes a greener future.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance ensures safety and legality when purchasing a refrigerated trailer. That means you must oblige to all the government safety and environmental standards. Moreover, following these regulations is crucial for trouble-free use. Stay lawful while buying a refrigerated trailer to avoid issues and ensure a smooth transaction.

Cost Analysis

Last but not least, cost plays an important part in deciding the right refrigerated trailer for your needs. Foremost, consider the upfront cost of the trailer, which means purchase, price, and any additional cost in buying the trailer. After that check the ongoing expenses.

These expenses include fuel charges, maintenance, and insurance. Moreover, consider the maintenance cost and any other aspect of cost comparison. Now, at last, consider your budget and check if your pocket allows you to buy or rent one.

Make Cleaner and Greener Choice

To have a refrigerated trailer that is both good for the environment and your pocket is a good choice. Electric refrigerated trailers have come out as revolutionary trailers that help you in many ways. However, on the other hand, diesel refrigerated trailers emit harmful pollutants that emit harmful pollutants and climate change.

According to research from the European Commission, it has been said that using an electric refrigerated trailer is way better for the environment than old diesel ones. Therefore, it is considered a smart move to choose these eco-friendly trailers for a cleaner and better future.

Summing Up!

It has been clear how choosing the right power source has so much importance on the refrigerated trailer. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, still, the best power source for refrigerated trailers depends entirely on your specific needs and circumstances. Consider the factors mentioned above, when making your decision. Whichever option you choose, maintaining the trailer’s power source is crucial to keep your perishable goods fresh and safe during transportation.



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